Animals available for Adoption

Our Adoption Process

Online Adoption Application

If you are just looking, click the button below to fill out our Online Adoption Application which will get your interest in adoption into our database.

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Our online forms are processed through our partner, Shelterluv.  You’ll need to accept their terms and conditions at the end of the application.

You should receive an email upon successful submission of the application.

Pet Screening with Adoption Counselor

Within 5-10 working days of your application submission, you should receive an email from one of our adoption counselors, to either:

  • Ask you for further information about your pet owning history, what you’re looking for in a pet, or identifying a pet that may match your application, 
  • OR
  • Let you know our decision on your application. 
    • Note that some pets are not an ideal fit for all situations, so it’s likely that an application being declined does not rule out future adoption possibilities. 
    • We do try to let you know our reasons for a declined adoption application.
    • We might just keep your application on file for future pets that come into our rescue.

Note that we try to get in contact with you as soon as possible, but we all have day jobs so the response may be a little delayed.

Our adoption counselors may decide to give you a call to run through some extended screening questions.  This is often to match your home more accurately with the best pet, so that you and your family as well as the pet are most comfortable and happy.

Please feel free to ask your adoption counselor any questions you may have about the adoption process, or the animal(s) you are interested in.

Meet and Greet

Once you’ve been screened and approved, we’ll arrange a meet and greet with you and the pet, either at the pets foster home or in a neutral setting such as a dog park.  This is where you can start to meet and bond with a pet, and we can broker interactions between your existing pet(s) if there are concerns.

Trial Run

We like to give our applicants a trial run period with their new pet to ensure that the pet fits in well with the household, any existing pets, and to ensure that the pet is doing well in the new environment.  The pet is still legally, financially, and medically our responsibility, but you are taking care of it as if it were your own.  The pet will be removed from our public listings, but not fully adopted yet.

We maintain constant contact with you during this process via calls/text messages to ensure that everything is going well, the pet is settling in well, and also to arrange any medical trips which may be necessary depending on the pets age.

Final Adoption

Once the Trial Run period is over, we’ll check in and make sure the pet is doing well in your home and there are no issues or concerns, then we’ll utilize our partner Shelterluv to process your pet’s adoption forms, and collect the Adoption fee digitally via a link we can text to your smartphone, or via our tablet if we meet up with you.  

You’ll receive an email with:

  • The digitally signed and completed Adoption agreement
  • The payment receipt through ShelterPay
  • Any medical records we have been provided by our partner organizations or performed by our staff
  • Confirmation of the registration of the pets microchip to your information, and where to go to update the information if you move or details change in the future.

Once that process is all done, the pet is yours!  Enjoy your new pet!

If you’ve adopted a dog, don’t forget to visit Animal Control and get your Dog License.  You’ll need a copy of their spay/neuter certificate and their Rabies shot information (both usually provided by our paperwork process).