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Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals

…providing a “cushion” for Southeast Alaska’s animals in need

About Us

Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals (SOFA) is an animal welfare and rescue organization based in Southeast Alaska, with a mission to serve communities throughout Southeast Alaska by providing animal rescue and adoption services, affordable vaccination and sterilization clinics, and supporting official and unofficial local groups with rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals, Ltd. was founded in December 2012 as a nonprofit organization in the State of Alaska and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We bring together a strong core of individuals who have been involved in animal welfare and rescue for many years, and we have set our sights on some ambitious short-, mid-, and long-term goals.

Mission Statement

SOFA commits to ending homelessness, abandonment, abuse and neglect of companion animals in Southeast Alaska through education, advocacy, community services, and improved access to veterinary services.

Core Values

Demonstrate respect and compassion for all people at all times
Be proactive in identifying the underlying causes of animal welfare concerns
Be creative in finding solutions to identified problems
Our success depends entirely on the support and participation of individuals, businesses, and organizations in the communities we serve. We aim to have a positive impact in all Southeast Alaska communities and inspire, support and partner with local individuals, groups of pet-lovers, and law enforcement – especially where there are no rescue organizations established.

What do we do?

What SOFA has accomplished and continues to work towards:

Outlying Community Outreach

– Bring Spay and Neuter clinics (such as MASH-style clinics) and vaccination programs to outlying Southeast Alaska communities.
– Provide education to pet owners about humane care, diet and treatment of pets.

At-risk Animal Rescue

– Target “free to good home” and other high-risk litters of puppies and kittens with the aim of spaying the mothers and offspring to end the cycle of reproduction and place the offspring in loving forever homes.
– Target critically at-risk pets held by law enforcement and other agencies in outlying SE Alaska communities.
– Transport adoptable pets from areas with severe pet overpopulation problems to areas with greater placement potential
– Always be open to any needs we see.​

Future highlighted activities

– Further Spay/Neuter clinics in Southeast Alaskan communities in need.

– Further knowledge and education for Southeast communities on pet care, vaccination, and treatment of pets.

we are available 24/7

Call us anytime

We can try to help you with an emergency even during the night or weekends.

Just leave a message on our voicemail to have it distributed to our network of volunteers.

How can I help?

SOFA cannot meet its goals without support from within the communities it serves – we rely on in-kind donations, monetary contributions, and volunteer service to do great things for the pets of Southeast Alaska. 

If you would like to support us, here are some important ways that anyone can help:

ADOPT an Animal

Our adoption process is the primary way we relocate animals from situations where they need help to loving “furever” homes.  Don’t you want to be a part of something amazing and adopt an animal into your life?


We don’t have a fancy animal shelter.  In fact, we don’t have a shelter at all.  All of our rescued pets are temporarily housed with foster families until they find their forever home, and our ability to rescue at-risk pets is limited most of all by the number of foster homes we have available. 

SOFA provides food, supplies, and veterinary care – foster families provide love and an opportunity for the pet to experience a home and family, rather than be isolated in a shelter. 

Foster families may be asked to bring adoptable pets to adoption events on occasion, and are welcome to stay for the events and volunteer if they wish.

Volunteer for events

… including vaccine clinics, spay/neuter clinics, adoption events, fundraisers, and more…


… new or used items from our needs list

… monetarily via the methods on our donations page


We rescue


animals per year

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