Who are we?

Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals (SOFA) is an animal welfare and rescue organization based in Ketchikan and Juneau, Alaska, with a mission to serve communities throughout Southeast Alaska by providing animal rescue and adoption services, affordable vaccination and sterilization clinics, and supporting official and unofficial local groups with rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals, Ltd. was founded in December 2012 as a nonprofit organization in the State of Alaska and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We bring together a strong core of individuals who have been involved in animal welfare and rescue for many years, and we have set our sights on some ambitious short-, mid-, and long-term goals.

SOFA’s core values:

  • Demonstrate respect and compassion for all people at all times
  • Be proactive in identifying the underlying causes of animal welfare concerns
  • Be creative in finding solutions to identified problems

Our success depends entirely on the generous support of individuals, businesses, and organizations in the communities we serve, and our gratitude goes out to all who support us.


What do we do?

What SOFA accomplished in 2013

Goal #1: Improve veterinary access in underserved southern SE Alaska communities.

Our initial efforts included:

  • Metlakatla
    • discount vaccination clinics in February and April vaccinated over 100 dogs and cats against rabies and common, highly-contagious, and often fatal diseases
    • MASH-style discount spay/neuter clinic in June sterilized 35 dogs & cats in just two days, with one veterinarian!
  • POW
    • Recruited veterinarians to participate in a spay/neuter voucher program to make existing veterinary services more affordable starting January 1, 2014

Goal #2: Initiate a foster-based rescue and adoption program.

Our program:

  • Targets “free to good home” and other high-risk litters of puppies and kittens, with the goal of providing appropriate early-development and veterinary care and that the mother and all offspring are sterilized, thus ending the cycle of reproduction
  • Targets critically at-risk pets held by law enforcement and other agencies in SE Alaska
  • Transports adoptable pets from communities with severe pet overpopulation problems to areas within SE Alaska with greater placement potential

Future highlighted activities include:

  • Expand our MASH-style clinic program to include additional communities throughout SE Alaska
  • Develop a feral cat management in targeted neighborhoods on POW (with option to expand model throughout SE Alaska) that maintains a >70% sterilization rate for un-owned cats
  • Develop a humane education program for incorporation at primary and secondary levels of schooling